RGR NA/NB Miata Ultra Billet/Carbon Strut Bar - Limited Production

$899.99 - $1,155.00 Sold Out


This is not a piece that is meant to bring big profits or any particularly unique concept to the table. It is a functional art piece, its primary goal is to be lighter, stronger yet beautiful.

This is a passion project.

Many of you, we are sure have seen similar pieces in high-end cars/supercars, we believe the Miata deserves the same treatment, hence why we have worked so much to make such a mundane part like the OEM strut bar something worth taking a look at. We wanted to turn the strut bar into art.

Featuring billet bases, billet bar ends, and accompanied by a carbon fiber bar, our strut bar is like no other. It is likely the best strut bar ever made for a Miata.

This part has been engineered through several iterations to achieve both looks and performance.

At 2lbs our bar is about 80% lighter than stock. Strength has not been sacrificed, through extensive calculations and FEA simulation, we designed each base to handle up to 1000lbf.

Replacing the OEM strut bar with this drops almost as many pounds as replacing the OEM subframe with a tubular one.

This is a perfect example of function and form.

This is engineered art

Production will be limited to only 25 units.

-Each set will be labeled as "1 of 25"
-The machined pieces will have a raw finish (like the pictured parts). They will be anodized clear but if that is not preferred they can be powder coated in a different color. Please reach out for special requests.
-Only options are Strut Bar hardware (Bolts that join the base with the bar) and Catch Can (pictured above, not required for regular NAs or NBs only for MSMs)
-Shipping Included to Continental USA ONLY. Email us for quotes if you are somewhere else. Shipping is not bad, for example, shipping to the UK is just a $25.00 extra fee. Just be aware of this.
-For those interested in brake master cylinder braces. The Napp Motorsports master cylinder brace works with this strut bar.
-Further customization is available as a special request, contact us for more information.

Instructions can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KshBwKUAXEbH_eBA1utdSXoxKgoIyP-M/view?usp=sharing

If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] for more information