NA/NB Miata BeersFab Fire Extinguisher Mount


This product is currently the only part on our website that we do not make. It is made by a local enthusiast. We personally use this product. We think it is awesome and strongly believe it should be available to the masses.

You do not want to be in a situation where your pride and joy burn on the side of the road.

A lot of us modify our Miatas and drive them spiritedly, or take them to the track. This product makes it easy to be prepared and safe, whenever you take your car out on a drive.

This fire extinguisher mount bolts to the base of the seat on the passenger side. It is easy to access yet remains out of the way.

This mount is made from aluminum and it comes anodized black. It is a lightweight quality part.

The fire extinguishers are NOT included. If you buy this product you are buying just the mount and nothing else.

This mount is designed to fit the two extinguishers found below.

We highly recommend ordering from :

Shipping included to the continental USA

Allow 1 to 2 weeks lead time