RGR Miata Open-End M12X1.5 Grade 5 Titanium Lug Nuts

$185.00 - $210.00


Titanium Lug Bolts provide many benefits over standard Steel counterparts. The first one is weight, 6AL-4V Titanium is about 50% lighter than 316 Stainless steel, thus reducing rotational mass, and not only that, it is also about 58% stronger.

Reducing rotational mass is about 8 times more effective than reducing mass anywhere else on your car. Although it has to be noted that by being closer to the center of the wheel, the effect that the reduced rotational mass (due to the smaller centrifugal forces) will have on the vehicle will be small but an improvement nonetheless.

Weight is death by a thousand cuts and every small decrease in weight will eventually add up to something more.

Of course, there is the fact that Titanium is just cool.

Another fantastic benefit of our Titanium Lug Nuts is their high resistance to fatigue, giving you extra peace of mind.

Perfect for your track day vehicles.

Our open-end design is our Lightest Lug Nut design at 20 grams each.

Our lug nuts feature a NEW hexagon head design, the tool is included.

M12 X 1.5 X 23.5

16 or 20 Nuts per set

Our Lug Nuts also fit
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (I-X)
-Toyota Supra (MK3/MK4)
-Mitsubishi Eclipse (1G-2G)
-Lexus IS (IS200/300/250/350)
-Lexus SC (SC300/400)
-Ford Focus RS (2016+)

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