RGR NA/NB Front Engine Hook



Some Miatas come with factory engine hooks that serve as anchor points in case the engine needs to be pulled.

The issue with the factory piece is that it can rust and it, in our opinion, doesn't look the best.

Our part solves both of these issues with improved material, finish, and design.

Our hook is made of 304 Stainless Steel, which is not only a better material than stock but also looks great.

The design is unique and similar to the popular and smooth design of the NB Radiator Brackets https://www.rgr.engineering/product/rgr-nb-radiator-support-bracket.

Every other Hook in the market has a completely utilitarian design, we believe that even the most mundane part should look good, and hence why we have added a little bit of style to our hook.

This, like many of our other parts, is a fantastic combination of function and form.

-Hardware not included
-If you buy absolutely anything else, shipping is waived