RGR NB Hood Cover

$200.00 Coming Soon

If you have hood vents a hood dump or at least want to get one of those things it is very likely that you have worried about water ingress in your engine bay.

If you have a garage you will likely be fine but what about those of you who don't? What about driving the car somewhere else and it's raining when the car is stopped?

What can be done then?...usually, nothing.

Until now

We have had this issue in the past and many customers think twice about getting hood vents due to this very issue. This is our solution.

Our Hood Cover is designed to fit around the contour of your hood, it is extremely easy to put on and take out, and it is also light and compact, most importantly it will cover all of your hood, so it does not matter what is going on there, it will cover it.

You may ask, what about car covers? Well, the issue with car covers is that it requires the entire car to be covered and the ones that specifically fit your car are expensive and cumbersome, not the kind of thing you can take with you everywhere, install or remove in a pinch, but this you can.

Made out of an inner layer of microfiber and an outer layer of waterproof/weatherproof material our Hood Cover will protect your Miata in all weather conditions.

Finally, our Hood Cover also comes with straps so it can be secured in the lower end of the hood, the upper end has elastic material that grabs the hood efficiently and safely.

Protect your car and stop worrying about water damage.

Available soon!

If you are interested please send us an email at [email protected]