RGR NB Miata Hood Vents

$79.99 - $304.99


Our hood vents provide the same benefits as other ones on the market, the difference is that we give you more options.

You can choose 3 (side or front), 5, or 7 vents. We recommend that you stick with 5 if maximum cooling efficiency is what you are looking for.

Made out of laser-cut high-grade aluminum our vents are flexible, light, and strong.

In order to install these vents, you will need to cut your hood.

Our friends at trip skywalker made a great video showing the installation process at https://youtu.be/1lM-X93IQ1o?si=HvDvdzimXboogn1w

Our kit includes vents and the necessary rivets.

Unless the powder coating option is selected, the vents will be sold in their natural raw Aluminum finish.

Options include:

-Powder coating
Available colors: Clear, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gloss Red, Gloss Yellow, Gloss Blue, Gloss Green, Gloss Orange, Gloss Pink, Gloss Purple.

Matte or Candy colors are available as a custom request. The price for these colors will be quoted and charged separately.

NOTE: Make sure to add your preferred color to the purchase notes when checking out.

-Trim (for those of you who will bolt the vents to the inside of the hood)