RGR NB Miata "Ultra" Chassis Mounted Front Splitter Kit

$195.00 - $715.00


RGR proudly presents the Ultra

This splitter is the result of months of R&D and hard work. Most splitters in the market fall into two categories, they either are a purely cosmetic add-on with little to no Aerodynamic benefit, or they are designed for track weapons with installations that require compromise (cutting, drilling, or modifying).

Ultra is designed to be an in-between solution, it offers real aerodynamic benefits and at the same time it is a bolt-on part, it requires no modifying, drilling, removing, or cutting. Both installation and removal are easy processes that leave no marks on your pride and joy.

Ultra also offers other benefits such as lightweight Aluminum construction and 4-way adjustability. Our full kit weighs 17.9lbs which is only 0.8% of the total weight of a 1999 Miata. The entire kit sans the splitter weighs just 3.9lbs.

Ultra is designed to stabilize and smooth out the flow under the car, this translates into less drag, better stability (especially at high speeds), and of course a small but noticeable increase in downforce.

This kit works best with our NB Spats. If the area that sits against the splitter in your NB is not flat, we recommend purchasing our Bumper/Splitter seal since that would fill the gap between your lip/bumper and the Splitter so can remain flat. The same applies if your car does not have a lip.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA.

Base kit Includes:
- Cardboard Splitter Template
- Aluminium Frame Mounts
- Aluminium Mount Brace
- Splitter Rods (With Stainless Steel Hardware)
- Mounting Stainless Steel Hardware (No Splitter hardware)
- Instructions

Full Kit includes:
- Aluminium Frame Mounts
- Aluminium Mount Brace
- Splitter Rods (With Stainless Steel Hardware)
- Mounting Hardware
- 1/8" Thick Aluminium Splitter
- 1/8" Stainless Steel Splitter Hardware
- Splitter Trim
- Optional Black Powdercoating

For Instructions please follow/copy this link

Here is a very informative video made by our friends at Flyin' Miata talking about our Splitters and Spats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_c3ELaKcDM&t=21s

-For Shipping outside of the US please send us an email for a quote

-Aluminium Splitter Blade will be sold raw and it is only available as 1/8", we can cut the Splitter in other materials, please send us an email for a custom quote.

-For Miatas that engage in door-to-door racing or if contact is a common occurrence we recommend getting our template and using it to cut your splitter out of a different material or reach out for a custom material quote.

-If your car does not have a lip we recommend you get the Bumper Seal, which is available here https://www.rgr.engineering/product/bumper-seal

This product is for off-road use only