RGR NB Miata Radiator Support Bracket



Introducing RGR's NB Miata Radiator Support Bracket.

The factory bracket, although a perfectly fine piece for its intended job, is not the best-looking piece ever. It is fairly big, and in an engine bay or a build where every little detail counts, it looks out of place.

We have come up with a solution. Our bracket is not only a much nicer-looking piece than the OEM counterpart, it is also substantially lighter, The factory unit is made out of stamped steel and weighs 74 grams. On the other hand, RGR's brackets weigh only 10 grams.

In total, the weight saving of our brackets is an astounding 128 grams which are equal to 0.28 lbs. Just by replacing your OEM brackets, you will be saving over 1/4 of a pound.

Even though the main goal of this piece is not to save weight, it is an added benefit we wanted to include in this small but rather good-looking piece that will for sure enhance the look of your engine bay.

-This product is sold as a set of two
-Brackets are made out of aluminum, they can be anodized or powder coated in your preferred color or just left raw