RGR NC Miata Hood Vents

$149.99 - $189.99


We are proud to present our NC Hood Vents.

Our Hood Vents differentiate themselves for 3 reasons:
1. Location
2. Design
3. Price

Contrary to other offerings our hood vents surround the engine, they do not sit on top of the engine. The idea is to extract air from the radiator while staying away from critical components. As you all know, the radiator sits a certain distance forward from the engine, on the gap between the engine and the radiator.

We pride ourselves on offering good-looking functional parts and this is no exception. Our Hood Vents are an extension of the design language of the NC, they follow the semi-circular contours of the car while staying functional and aggressive.

Our Hood Vents are the best deal out there, they may be inexpensive compared to the competition but they are still built from high-grade aluminum and they are also proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Function and form in a single package offering performance, by design.

-Rubber Trim

-Sold raw as a set of 4
-Rivets included
-Allow one (1) week for processing
-Free shipping to the continental US

Installation Notes:
-Our Hood Vents includes a guide that shows the recommended Hood Vent location
-Hood Vents are meant to be riveted to the outer shell of the hood from the inside although they can also be installed from the outside
-If you purchased trim, install it before riveting your Hood Vents to the hood of your car, you may not be able to after the fact