RGR NC Miata Wickers (Spats)

$49.99 - $125.00


Our NC Spats bring the benefits of our successful NA and NB Spats to the NC platform.

Like the rest of the spats in our catalog, these are designed to deflect air in front of the tires.

When the tires get wider they tend to poke out, when this happens a considerable amount of air not only hits the front tires but also gets inside the wheel well, which makes both drag and lift increase.

Our Spats deflect the air around the tire preventing it from getting into the wheel well thus decreasing lift and drag. Another benefit is the creation of a small high-pressure zone, meaning that the air underneath will speed up, this benefit will be enhanced if a proper splitter is present.

Our Spats are available in two (2) lengths. Short; for stock cars and Long; for cars with lips and or Splitters.

Our Spats are also available in two (2) materials; Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

Mounts to factory locations, no drilling or modification necessary.

Made from high-grade aluminum. Proudly designed, engineered, and fabricated in the US

-Allow one week for processing
-Sold as a set of two
-Bolts on using factory hardware (two Stainless Steel bolts are provided since in some cars some of the factory hardware may not be long enough)
-Free shipping to the continental US
-These fit NC1 Miatas with no modifications, these fit NC2 and NC3 with slight modification to the upper most hole.
-Currently working on Version 2 that will fit NC1, NC2 and NC3s
-Carbon Fiber is a special order item please allow 2 weeks for processing