RGR Tipo 1 - NA/NB Miata Aero Kit

$1,380.00 - $1,650.00


The RGR Tipo 1 Aero Kit, offers specifically designed, CFD-tested parts for your Miata

Every single element of this aero kit has been designed specifically to work with our cars. Every part went through several design iterations, revisions, testing, and prototyping before being made available to you.

We have tested these parts individually and together, to ensure that they work to improve your car and now for the first time they are all available as a single kit.

Our kit is not only designed to work, it is also designed to be easy to install and live with.

Save for the NA spats and one bracket on the Sideskirts, every single part on this kit is bolt-on, even the bits that aren't are incredibly easy to install.

Finally, the entirety of this kit is proudly 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

There is no integrated aero solution like this, anywhere else.

This is bolt-on downforce for your Miata

Our Kits for NA and NB Miatas in two trim levels; Base and Full

Base Kit includes
-Raw Splitter
-Raw Rear Diffuser
-Black powder-coated Sideskirts with no underskirts Airfoil

Full Kit includes
-Black powder-coated Front Splitter
-Black powder-coated Rear Diffuser
-Black powder-coated Sideskirts with underskirt airfoils

-No Wickers/Spats
-Aluminum Wickers/Spats
-Carbon Fiber Wickers/Spats

For more info regarding each individual part please visit the individual product descriptions on our home page.

-The Tipo 1 will be followed by a Tipo 2 (Tipo 1 + flat floor) and Tipo 3 (Tipo 2 + rear wing) and will be offered as expandable packages with a discounted price to anyone who buys a Tipo 1.

So do not hold back, if you buy now you'll still save later.

Instructions are available here:


Sideskirts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oqnwfq_zomGbpnGbo8I7YaDbMO8kbJ3f/view?usp=sharing

Rear Diffuser: