$375.00 - $499.00


Introducing the RGR Turbodisco, the first wheel cover designed for RPF1s

Inspired by the "Turbofan" wheel covers from the 80s, the RGR Turbodisco is designed to provide the aerodynamic benefit of having a wheel cover while allowing hot air to escape the wheel.

Designed like the original Turbofans, the Turbodisco uses fins that are exposed outside of the wheel to create a pressure difference that aids in the extraction of hot air from the wheel area and just like the original they provide drag reduction benefits by allowing the air to run smoothly around your wheel/tires.

On preliminary CFD testing the Turbodisco have reduced drag on our NB Miata model, with and without our aero parts.

In order to make sure that the Turbodiscos did its job, it underwent extensive testing, CFD simulations, and several iterations. Feel free to visit our Instagram or Facebook page (links at the bottom left corner of our website) to check out the engineering process of this part.

The Turbodisco gets mounted to the wheel using Allen bolts, these bolts thread onto open-end lug nuts.

This kit includes the necessary open-end lug nuts, we use our RGR Titanium M12X1.5 lug nuts
(https://www.rgr.engineering/product/rgr-miata-open-end-m12x1-5-grade-5-titanium-lug-nuts). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CAR USES THIS SIZE LUG NUTS BEFORE ORDERING.

The Turbodisco is designed to work with 15x8 4x100 ET28 RPF1 wheels.

Two (2) Turbodisco finishes are available; Bare Aluminum and Carbon Fiber.

The Turbodisco can be ordered assembled or disassembled.

The disassembled option allows for easier customization (custom graphics, powder coating, anodizing) and since it saves us money in packaging and assembly, we transfer those savings to you.

- Wheel covers are not replacement for brake ducts. They are not brake cooling devices, they are aerodynamic devices.
-Price includes shipping to the continental USA, for anywhere else reach out for a custom quote before ordering.
-Turbodiscos are sold as a set of two (2).
- Instructions are available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pUJN6kdhthIQF7T8Bt8eWDXGU3Y_HXHR/view?usp=sharing